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Retaining wall systems

PVC sheet piles

Pietrucha company specializes in producing the highest quality vinyl sheet piling. Our products have many advantages over i.e. steel sheet piling, as for instance they are completely resistant to rust, cracks, scratches etc. The sheet piles function as perfect flood walls, and allow to create very durable and practical retaining wall systems. The applications of our products are numerous and they have become a very important, if not essential elements during the construction of roads, landscaping, protecting constructions in i.e. waterlogged areas and many more. The PVC sheet piles created by Pietrucha company are products of the highest quality and created with the utmost attention so that each and every piling, retaining wall or flood walls are safe, resistant and durable. 

Flood walls

Vinyl sheet piling has proven to be an ideal material for flood walls. Its parameters such as rust resistance, extreme durability and eco-friendliness are more and more widely appreciated all around the world. It is a modern solution having many advantages over traditional flood walls, one of which is also the aesthetic aspect - Pietrucha's vinyl sheet piling does not interfere with the surrounding area (unlike other solutions). Find out more about the vinyl sheet piling offered by Pietrucha company. Read more...

Vinyl sheet piling

There are three methods of vinyl sheet piling installation recommended by Pietrucha company depending on the type of soil at the construction site. All of the work during the montage of plastic piling should be done by qualified staff having at their disposal necessary equipment and machinery. The PVC sheet piles might be installed by digging, jetting or driving and each of the methods requires different preparations and different actions to be taken. Check their details along with the gallery from the montage of sheet piling. Read more...



InfraTech exhibition Essen




InfraTech is an established exhibition for the civil engineering sector in the Netherlands. Ahoy Rotterdam is currently also launching InfraTech in Germany: from 15 January to 17 January 2014 in Messe Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia, at the same time as DEUBAUKOM.

We invite you to our stand company Pietrucha in order to get acquainted with our products geogrid with integrated nodes Polgrid produced in the company Pietrucha. 

Infrastructure exhibition It is remarkable that Germany did not yet have an exhibition exclusively focused on infrastructure, since it is the country of exhibitions! Extensive market research in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands revealed that there effectively was a need for such a platform. Ahoy Rotterdam now tries to meet that need with InfraTech Germany. The exhibition covers the entire scope of infrastructure and focuses on road construction, water structures, water and waste water, organisation of public areas, traffic and mobility.


Seminar at Uniejów Castle

29-30 November 2013 in the very center of Poland, at the Bishop’s Castle of Uniejów took place seminar titled: "Using vinyl sheet piles in civil engineering". Designers, civil engineers and contractors were able to meet possibilites for vinyl sheet piles applications. There was a great opportunity to exchange opinions about present melioration investments.


O grodzicach winylowych opowiadał Robert Kurowski



Nowy news

Over the years, Africa and Poland have established close ties of partnership and cooperation. Africa is an interesting market for products of PIETRUCHA Group such as POLGRID geogrid and ECOLOCK vinyl sheet piles. An opportunity to enter into commercial relations was congress POLANDAFRICA 2013 (26-27 november 2013) orgianized by Central Poland Chamber of Commerce, RIG-Łódź, together with The Polish-African Institute and Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency.

The Congress will open with a plenary session: “Poland-Africa, perspectives of bilateral cooperation” featuring the representatives of the Polish Government, the Ambassadors of African countries, the representatives of local self-governing bodies, economic organizations and entrepreneurs from Africa and Poland.

Important part of The Congress were thematic sessions. PIETRUCHA Group showed prezentation in geo-engineering, energy and ecology sesion titled "Advanced cost - effective solutions for geotechnica, projects. Introduction to geosynthesis and vinyl sheet".

We believe that the Congress is not a one time event, but that it will have long-lasting effects.






Pietrucha Group on congress POLANDAFRICA 2013

Central Poland Chamber of Commerce which is the organizer of POLANDAFRICA 2013 (26-27 November 2013), Polish African Partnership Congress hereby invites you to participate in B2B meetings within the scope of the Congress events.
In particular we invite the companies from the following sectors:

  • Geo-engineering , energy and ecology
  • Defense industry
  • Investments, including infrastructure and construction industries
  • Information technology and its application in modern economy
  • Food and agriculture industry
  • Health protection, pharmaceutical and medical industries