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Retaining wall systems

PVC sheet piles

Innovative plastic piling is characterized by extremely high resistance to scratches or cracks, as well as high tightness, economy of application, and complete lack of corrosion. EcoLock is manufactured in the process of molding or so called co-extrusion from polyvinyl chloride with addition of substances refining its parameters (e.g. toughness modifiers, UV and thermal stabilizers etc.) and making its processing easier.

As a result of unique combination of durability and aesthetics, the PVC, vinyl sheet piling is used as retaining wall systems, reinforcement and protection of places with alternating water level, they are applied during the construction of flood walls, causeways, regulation of river beds or ditches and in numerous other projects. Lack of corrosion as well as raised durability make it currently one of the best solutions available on the market, applied to secure and protect the places in contact with water.


As a standard, there are brown, olive, gray plastic PVC sheet piles available, but there is a possibility to manufacture them in any color from the RAL palette.

Flood walls

Vinyl sheets have proven to be an ideal material for floodbanks. Their properties, such as rust resistance, extreme
durability and eco-friendliness, are more and more widely appreciated all around the world. It is a modern solution having
many advantages over traditional flood walls, one of which is also the aesthetic aspect - it does not interfere with the
surrounding area (unlike other solutions). Find out more about the products offered by Pietrucha company. Read more...

Vinyl sheet piling

There are three methods of its installation recommended by Pietrucha company, depending on the type of soil at the
construction site. All of the work during montage of the plastic piling should be done by qualified staff having at their
disposal necessary equipment and machinery. The PVC sheet piles might be installed by digging, jetting or driving and
each of the methods requires different preparations and different actions to be taken. Check their details along with the
gallery from the montage of the solution.



Designer 2.0 – specialized calculation platform

Designer 2.0 – specialized calculation platform for designing constructions using the Pietrucha hybrid and vinyl sheet piling


Welcome to DESIGNER 2.0, an original calculation platform designed by our R&D Team, which allows its users to quickly verify whether the hybrid profiles and vinyl sheet piling made by Pietrucha used as retaining or tight walls will fulfil their functions in the planned projects.

Precision and accuracy

Designer 2.0 is quick and intuitive with accuracy levels comparable to the most advanced geotechnical calculation applications using the MES method. The algorithms used in our programme are compliant with Eurokod 7, the European norm for geotechnical designs.



After uploading the basic data referring to soil parametres, water and trench geometry. Designer 2.0 will select the optimal length of the wall and, if applicable, the anchoring method. The report generated in .pdf file includes all necessary information required to file the design.


Thanks to our programme, the user may quickly calculate and visualise the retaining walls as well as establish the filtration parameters for vinyl sheet piling constructions. The Designer 2.0 database includes all types of PVC and hybrid profiles as well as their different variations. In addition, the user gets access to the technical database of the JLD anchoring systems, dwg and SST files, as well as any technical documents certifying the quality of the Pietrucha solutions. The programme is available here.


The Pietrucha technical team is ready to assist the users in choosing the optimal geotechnical solution to fulfil all requirements of a given project. The use of Designer 2.0 is free of charge, available upon registration via any equipment with the Internet connection.



28300 sqm. of 4-7-meter vinyl piles GW-610/9 - this amount will be immersed into the levee of Wroclaw Floodway System (WFS). All this within the project called "Modernisation WFS - B3-1 section: Transfer Odra - Widawa - railway bridge (Krzywoustego Str.)" implemented by Skanska. Piles supplied by us are here sealing sheet piles newly formed and molded shaft - said Piotr Marczak - regional sales manager for the company PIETRUCHA, who is also the author of photos, published below.







Almost ten centuries, waiting Barcin o/Notec River (Kujawsko-Pomorskie) on its marina. The old one no longer would stop to the changing environment, and its appearance interfere especially with the modern footbridge, thrown over the river in recent times. The company PIETRUCHA and this time came to help, offering to the investor, which is the Regional Water Management Board in Poznan, sheet piles (type GW 580/7 and 580/9, about 500 m2) to perform "frame" the shoreline of the harbor basin. Now it looks solidly and professionally, as you can see in the photo of Dariusz Wajs.




Dzibice (Kroczyce community) and our vinyl piles

Another address on the map of Poland, where – using vinyl sheet piles, manufactured by PIETRUCHA – made is to secure the water reservoir. This time, in the Zawiercie district,  Skanska delves 1320 sq.m. of vinyl piles GW-610 / 7.2 with a length of from 2 to 8 meters. Work progressed rapidly, like a Pendolino train, captured by our regional sales manager Piotr Marczak – a patron of the project, on one of the photographs. Check out all pictures at the fanpage of PIETRUCHA on Facebook…