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PVC sheet piles

Innovative plastic piling is characterized by extremely high resistance to scratches or cracks, as well as high tightness, economy of application, and complete lack of corrosion. EcoLock is manufactured in the process of molding or so called co-extrusion from polyvinyl chloride with addition of substances refining its parameters (e.g. toughness modifiers, UV and thermal stabilizers etc.) and making its processing easier.

As a result of unique combination of durability and aesthetics, the PVC, vinyl sheet piling is used as retaining wall systems, reinforcement and protection of places with alternating water level, they are applied during the construction of flood walls, causeways, regulation of river beds or ditches and in numerous other projects. Lack of corrosion as well as raised durability make it currently one of the best solutions available on the market, applied to secure and protect the places in contact with water.


As a standard, there are brown, olive, gray plastic PVC sheet piles available, but there is a possibility to manufacture them in any color from the RAL palette.

Flood walls

Vinyl sheets have proven to be an ideal material for floodbanks. Their properties, such as rust resistance, extreme
durability and eco-friendliness, are more and more widely appreciated all around the world. It is a modern solution having
many advantages over traditional flood walls, one of which is also the aesthetic aspect - it does not interfere with the
surrounding area (unlike other solutions). Find out more about the products offered by Pietrucha company. Read more...

Vinyl sheet piling

There are three methods of its installation recommended by Pietrucha company, depending on the type of soil at the
construction site. All of the work during montage of the plastic piling should be done by qualified staff having at their
disposal necessary equipment and machinery. The PVC sheet piles might be installed by digging, jetting or driving and
each of the methods requires different preparations and different actions to be taken. Check their details along with the
gallery from the montage of the solution.




There are continue repair works on the flood walls of Polish rivers. This time the banks of Liswarta river in Starokrzepice in the Silesia province are the battle field for vinyl sheet piling, manufactured by the company PIETRUCHA.
4300 m2 sheet piles GW 460 / 5.5 (4.5 meters high), are immersed in the ground by employees of the firm RPM S.A. Lubliniec.



HIGHWAY-POLAND in Kielce soon!

We begin to count down the days to the start of the next edition of HIGHWAY-Poland. XXI International Road Building Fair will be held in the period 13-15 May at the exhibition grounds Kielce Trade Fairs, 1 Zakladowa Str.
For the largest in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe road market players fair is a traditional meeting place and signing contracts. This year's edition, in connection with the new dealt EU funds brings many perspectives. It is hard to be surprised that the patronage over the event branches spread the most serious in the country institutions related to the sector.
Among the exhibitors could not miss PIETRUCHA International this year. We invite you to visit our stand.



InfraTech exhibition Essen




InfraTech is an established exhibition for the civil engineering sector in the Netherlands. Ahoy Rotterdam is currently also launching InfraTech in Germany: from 15 January to 17 January 2014 in Messe Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia, at the same time as DEUBAUKOM.

We invite you to our stand company Pietrucha in order to get acquainted with our products geogrid with integrated nodes Polgrid produced in the company Pietrucha. 

Infrastructure exhibition It is remarkable that Germany did not yet have an exhibition exclusively focused on infrastructure, since it is the country of exhibitions! Extensive market research in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands revealed that there effectively was a need for such a platform. Ahoy Rotterdam now tries to meet that need with InfraTech Germany. The exhibition covers the entire scope of infrastructure and focuses on road construction, water structures, water and waste water, organisation of public areas, traffic and mobility.


Seminar at Uniejów Castle

29-30 November 2013 in the very center of Poland, at the Bishop’s Castle of Uniejów took place seminar titled: "Using vinyl sheet piles in civil engineering". Designers, civil engineers and contractors were able to meet possibilites for vinyl sheet piles applications. There was a great opportunity to exchange opinions about present melioration investments.


O grodzicach winylowych opowiadał Robert Kurowski



Nowy news

Over the years, Africa and Poland have established close ties of partnership and cooperation. Africa is an interesting market for products of PIETRUCHA Group such as POLGRID geogrid and ECOLOCK vinyl sheet piles. An opportunity to enter into commercial relations was congress POLANDAFRICA 2013 (26-27 november 2013) orgianized by Central Poland Chamber of Commerce, RIG-Łódź, together with The Polish-African Institute and Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency.

The Congress will open with a plenary session: “Poland-Africa, perspectives of bilateral cooperation” featuring the representatives of the Polish Government, the Ambassadors of African countries, the representatives of local self-governing bodies, economic organizations and entrepreneurs from Africa and Poland.

Important part of The Congress were thematic sessions. PIETRUCHA Group showed prezentation in geo-engineering, energy and ecology sesion titled "Advanced cost - effective solutions for geotechnica, projects. Introduction to geosynthesis and vinyl sheet".

We believe that the Congress is not a one time event, but that it will have long-lasting effects.






Pietrucha Group on congress POLANDAFRICA 2013

Central Poland Chamber of Commerce which is the organizer of POLANDAFRICA 2013 (26-27 November 2013), Polish African Partnership Congress hereby invites you to participate in B2B meetings within the scope of the Congress events.
In particular we invite the companies from the following sectors:

  • Geo-engineering , energy and ecology
  • Defense industry
  • Investments, including infrastructure and construction industries
  • Information technology and its application in modern economy
  • Food and agriculture industry
  • Health protection, pharmaceutical and medical industries


Installation of vinyl sheet piles in Lublin. Poland

On 20.11. this year began installation of sheet piles of S. i A. Pietrucha Sp. z o.o. - GW-580/7. Work is carried out under the project titled. "Construction of the access road to the junction Dąbrowica (the section from the intersection with Al. Solidarity with Al. Warsaw to the city limits) in Lublin".


General contractor is the company BUDIMEX SAA,  the subcontractor work on the installation of sheet piling selected company PRI Department Chrobok and Hubert Henry Chrobok Sp. J. ZRI Chrobok is one of the largest companies in the country, offering, among others. specialized in the field of civil engineering horizontal drilling with diameters from 100 to 2400 mm and pile driving and pulling sheet piling to a depth of 18 m, as well as many other works in the field of geotechnics. General Contractor from a wide range of products S. i A. Pietrucha, finally decided to use a piling GW-580/7 .


Project Executive assumed the trench wall protection under two bridges in the form of sealed chambers as part of the sheet piling lost, drawn to work with the foundation. Provided with a height of 4m piles, submerged completely into the ground, and the total number of sides is 800m2.

One major problem in the first phase of the installation have been very difficult soil conditions of clay, which prevented the punching of sheet piling to the expected depth. The key to success was the use of side-Mandrel (the guide) by steel and high-frequency vibration hammer whose weight is 1200kg.


It is worth mentioning that the company ZRI Chrobok, for the first time perform work related to the installation of vinyl sheet piling, but the experience gained over the years with the work related to installation of the steel wall and the involvement of employees, made it possible to carry out the work according to the schedule and the expectations of the General Contractor.


The work associated with the installation of vinyl sheet piling to take until mid-December of this year.




Sheet piling on Sumatra

In September of this year, began piling installation Si A. Pietrucha Sp. z o.o.  new type - GW-610/9 Assembly takes place in Indonesia on the island of Sumatra.


Sheet piles of S.i A. Pietrucha Sp. of o.o. are protected against the erosion of the river. Installation is very efficient and to execute it using modern equipment. Installation Company  decided to improve the work  use the steel Mandrel.

Due  the size of the project work will continue until the end of the first quarter of next year.


Regulacja rzeki Sumatra Regulacja rzeki Sumatra Regulacja rzeki Sumatra Regulacja rzeki Sumatra

Thank you!


Company Pietrucha would like to thank you for visiting our booth at the AUTOSTRADA FAIR POLAND 2012. We carried out a number of interesting meetings, which were for us the opportunity to share mutual experiences. Your suggestions, ideas and insights will serve us in further work on the development of the company and contribute to even greater cooperation with our customers. Feel free to contact our sales department.


Manew Show 2012


On 21-24 March 2012 there were exhibition Manew Show 2012 in Enns/Hafen near Linz in Austria. This exhibition is the largest trade fair in Austria, a showcase for machinery and building – construction materials. Courtesy of our Austrian gent – company ATBM Handelsgesellschaft GmbH, a company S. i A. Pietrucha was able to issue all types of manufactured winyl Sheet pilings and geogrids.

It should be noted that ATBM Handelsgesellschaft GmbH  Company this year celebrates 20-years of its operations.




In the middle of December 2011 been completed installation of vinyl sheet piling S.i A.Pietrucha type GW-300/5,5 in Jelgava, Latvia.


This Project is already associated with another investment protection made of cut-off wall of vinyl sheet piling S.i A.Pietrucha type GW-300/5,5 of toxic waste landfill.


For vinyl sheet piling S.i A.Pietrucha type GW-300/5,5 is an ideal application. Vinyl sheet piling S.i A.Pietrucha type GW-300/5,5  is durable, easy to install and inexpensive protection against groundwater, rivers or reservoirs contaminations by toxic substances from landfill.

Cut-off walls made by vinyl sheet piling S.i A.Pietrucha type GW-300/5,5 also used as insulation In the case of typical landfills.








In early November of this year took place tests of vinyl sheet piling  Pietrucha SIA type GW-580/ 7 in Yeong Joo Dam Site in South Korea.
 The project dam on the river Yeong Joo is being developed by Samsung and covers the same dam and infrastructure around it. 

Vinyl sheet piling SIA Pietrucha a GW-580 / 7 will be used to build the sheet piling wall around the reservoir which rise after the closure of the river dam.


In project will be used  vinyl sheet piles SIA Pietrucha a GW-580 / 7 with a length of 10 meters. The test was designed to inspection a new type of steel mandrel  with the system  "water-jet" using innovative vibrators.


Trials vinyl sheet piling driving Pietrucha SIA type GW-580 / 7 were successful. Thanks to innovative managed to solve shorten the time needed for driving and thus improve the performance of the equipment involved in the installation.