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Flood walls

Due to their unique properties, EcoLock plastic piling is characterized by a very wide range of application. Their use instead of steel retaining systems allows to limit the costs of installation and materials, while replacing the wooden solutions ensures achieving greater durability and resistance to external conditions of the whole structure.

Taking into account their complete resistance to rust, cracks as well as mechanical damage, the application of solutions offered by Pietrucha is an excellent choice. Currently, they are used as protection from erosion, in order to tighten the cutoff, flood walls, they allow to regulate rivers and achieve numerous other goals.

EcoLock vinyl sheet piling always forms resistant, excellent quality systems, ideally blending in with their surroundings. The construction sector uses them with increasing frequency also because of the simplicity of their installation – through driving, jetting or digging.


Application of PVC sheet piles:

  • near sewage and water reservoirs as protection from erosion,
    • regulation of rivers,
    • road protection,
    • protection of drainage ditches, excavations,
    • flood walls,
    • retaining, cut-off walls,
    • minimization of the groundwater infiltration,
    • construction of barrages,
    • construction of road culverts, bridges,
    • construction of sheet piling on areas ecologically threatened (e.g. near oil refinery, separating potentially contaminated terrain from groundwater).

Possible application of vinyl sheet piles

Retaining wall

Sheet pilings and cut-off walls with system of stays
In order to protect the banks of different water reservoirs or rivers they can also be used with special system of stays and anchors, providing additional protection and increasing the system’s durability.

Regulation of river

River banks protection and regulation
Plastic piling is also ideal to protect and regulate rivers, ditches or channels, as because of their construction it is easier to adjust the shape of the whole system in accordance with natural curvature of the terrain.


Application of vinyl piling during the construction of causeway on a water reservoir allows to raise its durability through effective protection of the whole structure from scouring on its both sides.

Securing floodbanks

Protection of flood walls
During the construction of flood walls plastic solutions and materials are used with increasing frequency. They notably strengthen and increase tightness of the structure, preventing water leaks during floods.

Retaining walls

Retaining systems
One of the popular applications of EcoLock solution is to protect slopes, landslides and various excavation sites, as the retaining solutions not only secure them, but also allow to aesthetically shape a given terrain.

Flood wall

Protection of banks with variable water levels
Very high tightness of PVC sheet piling, in combination with its high aesthetics, allows to implement it as well to protect the banks with variable water levels, as it always perfectly blends in with the surrounding area.

Waterproof plastic piling preserve water infiltration

Cut-off walls
In the places with variable or raised groundwater levels, the sheet piling provide perfect protection, effectively limiting the water infiltration as well as securing the terrain from gradual erosion and degradation.

Pro-ecological use of vinyl sheet piles

Cut-off walls in ecologically threatened areas
EcoLock retaining systems are perfect when it comes to separation of water reservoirs or groundwater from places, where environmental hazard is present (for instance, near landfills, factories and other industrial facilities).