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Vinyl sheet piles EcoLock are made from rigid polyvinyl chloride modified with agents facilitating processing, impact resistance modifying agents, thermal and UV stabilising agents and mineral filling materials. The sheet piles are manufactured by applying the extrusion moulding method as monolithic profiles or the co-extrusion moulding method with the core made from the material obtained through recycling construction type PCV, covered with a layer of the primary plastic material. The standard colour range includes grey, olive and brown. There is a possibility to order sheet piles in RAL colours.

Several of numerous sheet piling advantages include:

Light - simple, fast installation with the use of standard tools and machinery

Low costs – in comparison to steel sheet piling the cost of installation might be reduced by over 30%

Minimized need of conservation works thanks to the material’s complete resistance to:

  • sea water
  • cracks,
  • corrosion (biological),
  • abrasion,
  • rust,
  • scratches,

Extreme persistence, endurance and exceptional mechanical parameters (limited warranty can be extended to
even 50 years),

Ecology – the material for the piling is obtained from the recycling process of PVC and can be again recycled

Bindings are located on the sides, far from the greatest load zone

Clean, aesthetical appearance (bindings are practically invisible)

Uniquely designed flat surface of our vinyl sheet pilings make it easier to install them than other solutions of this type

Simple forming of curvatures (along with natural bank linen) thanks to special design.

  • Easy regulation of river using vinyl piles

  • Nice looking and resistant to outside factors like UV rays and sea water

  • Due to light weight PVC piles are easy to transport and install

  • Aesthetic lock connections let you build vinyl sheet piles