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An important advantage of the EcoLock sheet piles is that they form a complete system allowing full and comprehensive utilization. The system consists of as many as 15 types of sheet piles for various purposes, and accessories such as corner connectors, allowing connection to the wall at 90 degrees, a top plate protecting the wall form the top, and a flexible fender, often used in canoeing marinas. The entire system is complemented by anchors.

TerraDeck WPC System

System grodzic winylowych uzupełniają deski kompozytowe  TerraDeck. Ich istotną zaletą jest możliwość zastosowania w trudnych warunkach atmosferycznych, gdzie odporność na wodę jest jednym z ważnych parametrów. Deski są kompozytem mączki drewnianej oraz PVC co sprawia, że łączą one estetykę  drewna naturalnego oraz funkcjonalność i wytrzymałość tworzywa The system of vinyl sheet piles is supplemented by composite planks TerraDeck. Their essential advantage is the possibility of using them in unfavourable weather conditions where water resistance is one of the key parameters. The planks are made from wood flour and PVC which allows them to combine the aesthetics of natural wood with functionality and endurance of plastic material. Using both EcoLock and TerraDeck systems ensures achieving excellent effects when building tourist and utility wharves, piers and private yacht marinas. Read more at:


TerraDeck planks are characterised by:

  • very high load resistance
  • resistance to exterior factors, e.g. sunshine and water which prevents planks from cracking and rotting,
  • complete resistance to insects and rodents,
  • non existent problems with fungus or rotting