Vinyl Sheet Piling
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Manufacturing room

The high quality of the piles is the result of not only a modern machine park, but also 20 years of experience in plastics processing. Production of PVC sheet piling is
a process that requires the utmost care. Application of the ISO 9001:2015 standard has enabled us to provide and maintain the production of high quality products, and the introduction of procedures has systematized our operations in the company, becoming its integral part. The whole process, starting from the selection of suppliers, through production and distribution, has been well documented. These activities aim to continuously improve the quality of our products for the sake of our customers.

Individual stages have been improved, so we can clearly monitor the whole process. We cooperate exclusively with contractors offering the highest quality goods and services. Each transport is supervised, and suppliers of raw production materials confirm its quality parameters in a declaration of quality, detailing all packaging, which is further verified by a quality control department employee. Unambiguous identification of the material allows to  track it and easily determine the source of the material the sheet piling profile was made of.

The course of manufacturing is fully monitored, the important parameters which influence the ultimate parameters of the profiles are checked and stored. By keeping strict procedural rules, we are able to guarantee high and consistent quality of our products.  Several times a day, samples are taken for ongoing testing - a quality control department employee checks whether the properties of the finished product deviate from the norm, thus confirming the grade of the raw material used and the application of the appropriate production parameters. Once again, the dimensions of the profiles are checked. Only after such
a thorough quality control, the products are submitted to the warehouse and for distribution. The quality and the strength parameters of our sheet piles are periodically validated by accredited laboratories, institutes and technical universities.