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Slope secured by vinyl retaining wall.

They are most often found in places where a substantial difference in elevation is observed, as they secure the soil and allow practically free shaping of the landscape in such places as farms, slopes along the roads, private gardens and many more. Retaining wall systems are created of different materials and employ various technology depending on the area of application. They resist pressure, durably securing soil in a given position, allowing to diversely transform the landscape according to individual needs.

Amongst different types of systems there are:

  • gravity – made of heavy materials (e.g. stone, concrete), depend on their mass to secure the soil,
  • cantilevered – consist of a base slab and a stem (relatively thin), produced e.g. from concrete, reinforced steel, mortared masonry,
  • sheet piles – driven into the ground, usually chosen for tight spaces or soft soils but have other applications as well,
  • anchored – any of the above system with additional strengthening elements anchored to the soil or rock behind the wall.

Retaining wall in Wroclaw (Poland)

Nowadays, one of the most functional and durable solutions chosen for various projects, are sheet piles retaining wall systems, which are made of a modern material: vinyl. Roughly it can be said that one third of the pile is driven into the ground, while the rest secures the slope. However, this ratio can be altered according to the environment it is used in.


Their popularity is based on their technical parameters (the durability, simple and fast application etc.) as well as the aesthetic aspect. Unfortunately, other solutions are quite often non-decorative and are exclusively used as simply functional elements.